Theron (tfbretz) wrote,

Last night's game went quite a bit better from my perspective.  The rogue is a better fit for me, I think.  Laughing, then jumping off things is much more suited to my tastes.

The more I think about yesterday's Warlord discussion, the more I realize that the circumstances of this gaming group are very likely skewing my impressions of the game.  Our group is nearly double the size of the "standard" D&D party.  We are also, as mentioned yesterday, pretty damned hardcore when it comes to tactics.  In a smaller group, the Warlord is going to have much more opportunity to bestow extra attacks and help his allies cover ground.  In a less-tactically minded group, the Warlord provides a handy second chance to set up optimal positioning.  In our group, he was basically an Initiative bonus.

I still think the wide-open nature of Initiative makes the Warlord less effective, but I'm not sure what I'd offer as a suggested fix.

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