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Jane's put in for a new and utterly different (non-sales) job at VZB.  It would be a very good position, both for her (sales is not a good fit) and for us (better money and complete financial consistency from month to month).  She interviewed for it yesterday afternoon and the hiring manager has to make a decision before end of day tomorrow.  She's understandably a little freaked out about it all, so any crossed fingers, lit candles, kind thoughts, etc. are more than welcome at the moment.

The weather lately has been very wet.  Which makes our home internet extra special.  When we changed our contract with AT&T a few months ago, the service where they don't charge extra to work on problems inside the house got dropped.  Jane re-added it, but it won't kick in for a few more days.  We had a tech out a few weeks ago who established there's a short in our lines somewhere, but we didn't have him come in to track it down and kill it. As a result, our connection bounces up and down.  Right now, it's pretty stable, but out of the blue, the DSL light will start flashing red, then slowly reacquire the signal. First thing in the morning and first thing in the evening home from work are the worst; I suspect there's some moisture accumulating somewhere and activity dries out the circuit, but that's semi-educated guesswork.  Also, any time the phone rings, it knocks it down.   Frustrating.

Champions is on for this Saturday.  I still just have three players.  There's a fourth in the wings, but he's off to Russia until the middle of September, doing NASA stuff.  Ideally, I'd like one more recruit, but I've not had much luck in that regard lately.  I still need to do prep work for this one.  I've got the basics sketched out in my head, so it's just a matter of getting it down on paper and doing the character write-ups.

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