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Guilty Pleasure Warning

In just two more weeks, "True Blood" premieres on HBO.  It's a story about vampires and psychic waitresses and supernatural hoohah set in the deep South.  It's also based on a series of novels I firmly count among my most guilty guilty pleasures.  They're unabashed supernatural chick-lit, but I dig the world-building and I usually care about the characters (though admittedly, I tend to care more about the undead characters than the living).

The website linked above has tons of cool video bits in addition to the trailer.  There's commercials for True Blood, the synthetic blood that allows vampires to exist openly, links to websites for religious groups devoted to stamping them out, a vampire matchmaking site, and a mockumentary on the impact of vampires on the modern world.  Cool stuff; I admire the attention to detail.

I've no idea if the show will take off.  Alan Ball, who did "Six Feet Under" is behind it, and the novels sell like hotcakes, so I figure it's got a decent chance.

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