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That Dead Guy Propped Up In The Corner Is Me

Yesterday was much better from a work perspective.  No major issues, just long and draggy.  The game went well.  The rogue is definitely a better fit for me, and in the major fight, he put the kill in on all three of the big threats (to be fair, his teammates chewed them up quite a bit).

Unfortunately, when I got home, I was keyed up and, worse, knew I had today off (AT&T is supposed to come out today to address our phone/internet problems).  As such, I took none of my usual winding-down procedures, instead staying up to fart around on the web and finish Fool Moon (the second Dresden Files book).  I finally turned in around 3 AM, only then remembering that I'd told Jane I'd get up and take C-Monster to school this morning.

I got him there and piled back into bed, but by then, the inevitable onslaught of work email began turning up on my BlackBerry.  And even though I'm off today, I still find myself looking at it.  I managed to sleep fitfully until about 11, then woke up with a headache, took some medicine and ate a little.  I still haven't heard from the phone guy, I need to go to the grocery store and hoped to go grab comics, but I don't dare leave the house until after he gets here.

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