Theron (tfbretz) wrote,

Literary Comfort Food

Two posts in the same week?  Unheard of!  But, I finished another book and thought I'd mention it.

Kitty's Greatest Hits by Carrie Vaughn collects fourteen short stories (thirteen and a novella, really) set in Vaughn's world of Kitty the Werewolf.  The stories bounce around in time and location, focusing on a number of major and minor characters from the series, as well as a couple of completely unrelated bits here and there.  Breaking from the style of the Kitty novels, most of these are told in third person, which really provides a nice change of pace and perspective.

Most of all, the book is chock full of bits I've enjoyed in one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series, bits that I felt were somewhat lacking in the most recent novel.  While I know all of these stories were written years ago, I hope that maybe this presages a return to quality for the next volume.
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